Plastic Pipes By Steuler KCH

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Metallic process piping systems may exhibit deficits in some applications pertaining to sustainability, safety and maintenance costs. In some cases, and with certain media, it may not be possible to prevent permeation through the thermoplastic lining, thus, resulting in blistering of the liner and corrosion of the steel.

Just Dimension have partnered with Steuler KCH GmbH, who specialises in engineered plastics technology, including purpose made fibre reinforced composite piping materials. These are selected specifically for use in corrosion resistant applications and processes. Thus, we are also able to offer cost effective alternatives, without compromising on quality at the same time.


KERAVERIN® – Pipes and fittings, reinforced with glass fibre with and added thermoplastic inner liner (choice of PTFE, PVDF, PE, PP, PVC, etc)

KERAPOLIN® – Pipes and fittings of glass fibre are dual-laminate of glass fibre reinforced unsaturated polyester or vinyl ester resins.